Uribe Honey Bees

A collection of 2021 Mated Queen Bees 

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We believe in our mission to offer high-quality bees and honey, good advice to beekeepers, and always complete our orders with excellent customer service.

"I feel good purchasing from a eco friendly and family run business."

James Carter
BeeMagic Candle Co., Oregon
April Saelao
Los Angeles, California

About Us

Jose Uribe,

Beekeeper & Owner

Jose Uribe has been a commercial beekeeper for 11 years, specializing in hygienic queen breeding, hive management, honey producing, and brokering. As volunteer work, he takes interest in speaking to children inside of local schools educating them on the importance of bees. When he's not beekeeping, he enjoys either playing horseshoes or spending his free time with his family and three dogs.



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